1997 Ford F150 Lariat Deal?

Hey Guys and Gals,

I am looking at a 97 F150, it has 129,000 miles and is being sold for 5775.00. Is this a good deal or will a truck like this be a money hole because of the mileage and age? Do you know the track record of F150 and expensive repairs at this age and mileage?

Unless you know the maintenance history of this particular truck it’s a crap-shoot.

The track record of the F150 in general is much less important than how the previous owner, or owners, used and cared for the truck in question.

Ditto to what McP said.

'97 F150s have good track records, but they’re trucks. They were often routinely overloaded and abused. Even those that were just bought as “secodn vehicles” were often neglected because they were not the family car and they’re trucks…they’re thought by many to have resiliancy from neglect and abuse.

I agree with mcparadise and mountainbike. At that age and mileage all bets are off unless someone can produce verifiable records for all maintenance that has been done.
The price also seems a bit much to me for a 13 year old truck with well over a 100k miles on it.

Spending the money for a good inspection of the vehicle by a qualified mechanic is your best investment. You might spend a hundred but save potential thousands.