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1997 Ford F-150

I have a '97 ford f-150 4.2L with a trouble code P1537. what do i need to repair so this code does not come up any more? Thanks in advance for any help.

The code is for the intake manifold runner control stuck open. Does the truck hesitate or do you have an engine stumble or miss? The most probable cause is sticking components or there is a lot of carbon buildup. A good mechanic should be able to correct the situation.

does that have to do with the idle speed control auxiliary inputs? went to parts store and thats what they told me the code was. it sounds like a cleaning process. is this somting i could do myself?

IT is IMRC stuck open. Don’t listen to the parts store folks.

Is the truck running well? Any hard starting? Poor idle? Poor acceleration? Etc.?

Truck is running ok. no hard start of poor idle/acceleration. all seems to be ok. can i just replace the IMRC?

I would not just replace the IMRC.

First, I have heard that some F150s (and maybe other Fords) have had problems with a false code. The solution is just a reprogram of the PCM. You can call a dealer service department and ask about it. From me it is just unsubstantiated rumor.

Second, those things get all gunked up with carbon and that can cause them to actually stick open. If it was bad you’d probably have symptoms. Before I did anything I’d probably do an intake treatment with Seafoam.

Third, the IMRC is motor operated complete with a power supply. Check its wiring.

thanks will give it try