1997 Ford F-150 - Out of Production Weatherstripping

I have a “new” 1997 F150 that I got from my dad when he passed away. The rear hood cowling gasket is no longer stopping water from running down the windshield into the engine when it rains. this causes the back two plugs to short. I have contacted every auto parts store to include the local Ford dealership and because the truck is considered a new F150 the gasket is no longer manufactured. Please help.

Google LMC Truck or take a piece of the gasket to body shop and see if they can find a close match.


Dumb question, but did you try clearing debris from the cowl vents?

Try J C Whitney on line as they specialize in older vehicle parts and trim.

LMC Trucks calls it “Hood to Cowl Seal” $8.95 part #1 in picture.

They also say it does not fit models built before 10/08/97

By the way, there is nothing “new” about a 20 year old truck. It is new to you but not to the Ford parts department. To Ford, this is a 20 year old truck they no longer stock parts for.