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1997 Ford Escord Wagon, Stumbles at mid-range speeds

I have a '97 Ford Escort Wagon (2.0 liter, SOHC). My check engine light has been on since I bought it. I took it to a dealership and the mechanic on hand advised me that the culprit is the EVAP Purge Valve. He advised me that this part is entirely superfluous to the real function of the automobile (I wondered; why have it then?). Now, I’ve started noticing a “stumble” when I’m moving into and along inclines/grades. It usually only occurs around mid-range speeds (28-45 mph).

Is this due to the EVAP Purge Valve causing larger problems? Is it a Fuel Pump?

I’ll change the Fuel Filter this week-end and update this question later.

In the mean-time; any advice would be appreciated.

That’s the problem with operating a vehicle with the Check Engine light on. You never know if another problem has arisen that would turn on the Check Engine, but since it’s already on, you don’t know it!

At this point, all that can be done is to have the computer scanned to determine if another code has been stored that’s unrelated to the canister purge valve. Some auto stores such as AutoZone will pull the codes for free.