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1997 Firebird Convertible

My husband owns a 1997 Firebird Convertible which failed the test for a certification sticker. It failed because the engine light came on and says “needs repair soon” or something to that nature. Any idea what might be the problem. We only have a week to get the certificate before car cannot be operated.

Thank you

Welcome to the world of emissions testing! As you have discovered, it has little to do with emissions! First, you should “read the codes” that are stored in your cars computer. Most auto-parts stores will do that free. Then you will know WHY the CEL (check engine light) is on (sort of). Then you correct the problem and the light goes off and you go back and get another test…You can TRY disconnecting the battery for a few minutes and this should reset the light, (you will lose all stored codes) and see it it stays off long enough to get another test…

My husband will try these options tomorrow. Thank you so much for the tips.