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1997 Dodge Ram 1500 - are these problems related?

Hello Dodge Ram fans…I have a 1997 Dodge Ram 1500 long bed extended cab with a 5.2L. engine and manual transmission and 85,000 miles on the clock… My engine has been making a squealing noise (sounds like a loose V belt) but ONLY at operating temperature and at idle. I have checked all pulleys and accessories with a mechanics stethoscope and found nothing. I changed the cooling fan clutch and serpentine belt but no joy. Did not see any antifreeze leakage from the water pump. About the same time I also noticed that the temperature gauge wandered slightly high and low about the normal set point but ONLY at speed. It is steady and on the mark at idle. Could these two conditions be related? Bad water pump? I’m out of ideas. Help!

Pop the belt off and feel all the rotating stuff by hand. If there is roughness, suspect that part. Also look for a shiny glaze on the pulleys. Sand the pulley to remove the glaze with 400 to 600 grit paper.

You didn’t mention belt tension . . .