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1997 Dodge Intrepid with strange electrical problem

When it is cold out (below 40) and or wet, my car has a strange electrical problem. The blower motor on the heat/ac doesn’t work, nor does my power windows. Also, the air bag light and the ABS lights stay on. Rear defroster also doesn’t work. Most are on different fuse systems and the fuses are alright. Whet the temps are warm and it isn’t wet, everything works fine. A strange problem?? Maybe not for you guys! Haha

I would need a schematic to be certain, but I would bet that this is a ground issue. Have a trusted mechanic check for a common ground point that may be loose or corroded. I’ll bet you find a bad connection.

IF you want to solve the problem, it needs to be in a more manageable size. To do that, just solve for One circuit at a time. If you fix one circuit, you may fix them all (if they REALLY do have something in common, such as location of wiring, ground, etc.). You may have to troubleshoot, and fix, EVERY circuit, individually.
When all that is done, one can, then say, “Ah, ha! So that was the common cause! Ah ha!”

Ah,ha! There is a black/orange wire tied between the ignition switch and the junction block to the power panel under the hood. This wire supplies power from the ignition switch to the areas you mention and to other circuits also. Either that section of the ignition switch is bad or the connector has a problem. You could try disconnecting and reconnecting the connector to see if that will clear the trouble if the switch is ok.

…might also gently ‘wiggle’ the igniton key in the switch. The switch has multiple contacts and when it gets worn, sometimes one will ‘drop out’, leading to weird symptoms like this.