1997 Chey Blazer


120k miles …with intermittent stalling…always when letting up on the gas pedal…most often when slowing to a stop sign …but sometimes at highway speeds when letting up on gas…Scary… The tack drops to zero the warning beeps and dash lights up…I give it gas and it starts back up…I’ve tried tuneup & wires…never know when it will act up…need help. Edf


The problem might be with the Idle Air Control motor.

This component is mounted on the throttle body. And it’s function is to allow air into the engine anytime the throttle is released so the engine can idle. when these malfunction, the engine will stall anytime the throttle is released.



It also could be a sticky EGR valve. If it doesn’t close quick enough, it will act like a large vacuum leak, and stall the engine.