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1997 Chevy Lumina battery replacement

I’ve been able to get a partial answer as to how to replace the battery on this car, and it involves TAKING THE WINDSHIELD WASHER RESEVOIR OFF FIRST. I agree that it’s a horrible design, but I have to deal with it. I’ve loosened the bolts holding the resevoir down, but I can’t seem to get it past the fuse box. Does that have to come off as well before I can lift the resevoir out, and if so, how?

IIRC from my brother’s old one, you don’t really remove the fuse box completely - the whole thing stays intact. But I think there is one small bolt as a hold down. You pull that and just temporarily move it off to the side.

Thanks, cigroller. After much fussing, and some advice from my local parts store, I was able to get the battery out this afternoon. I had to take off two cap nuts to release the fuse box, and this allowed me just enough room to get the washer reservoir out. I also loosened the air cleaner housing, which may or may not have been necessary, but I think it gave me a little more slack as well. The new battery was a bit shorter, so that made things a bit easier also.