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1997 Cadillac Limo Rear Wheel Hub

Does anyone know how to remove the rear wheel bearing hub on a 1997/98 Cadillac Deville Limousine? Not the same as the regular Deville.

Thanks in advance

That’s the problem.

When limo’s are built, they have to beef up the suspension and steering to handle the extra weight.

Can you take an image of what you’re trying to repair?


Can you find out who stretched the car? Is there a label somewhere? They should have records as to what they replaced the stock suspension components with. Often they’ll use truck parts, but whatever they used they should be able to advise you…

The limo version is same design as std. It’s just heavy duty. Std is $150 and hvy duty is $800. They both come out the same way. With a bit of effort.

Thanks everyone. It was built buy Federal Coach Builders. I sent them an email but no replay as of yet. I’ll post a pic this evening or in the morning (pacific coast time zone). I removed the four bolts on the front side of the hub and the only thing that came loose was the brake pad housing. It has rear drums (fyi). Someone suggested using a slide hammer to get it out from that point. I’ll post an update if I choose that route.

Is it front or rear drive?

GM in many models use a c-clip retainer to hold the axles in. To get the clip out, you remove the diff cover, draining out the gear lube, remove the bolt retaining the spider gear shaft, them push in the axles to release the clip. With the clip out, the shaft should slide out.

A limousine could have GM truck suspension. I worked on one that had 8 lug wheels with a full floating rear axle. If it is rear wheel drive with 5 lugs it is very likely a C-lock axle with axle shafts turning in roller bearings as @BustedKnuckles mentioned. A slide hammer will remove bearings in such an axle once the axles shafts are out. And “axle saver” bearings are available if the race on the axle is worn.

From What I have been able to find out about these they mostly used the 8 lug Truck hubs at the back, for most conversions.

If the limo has 8 lug wheels the rear end is a full floating model and removing the hub requires removing the axle shaft to gain access to the hub bearing assembly. Often the hub bearing jam nut is a peculiar shape with locking tabs that require a special socket to remove. After removal of the jam nut and then the nut behind it the hub/drum will be free to pull off if the brake shoes aren’t binding. The drum is somewhat heavy and rear end oil will spill out while doing all that work.

If there are 4 bolts on the front of the hub it sounds to me like you’re describing a typical front wheel drive car and not something with a full floating rear end. Anyway, without a picture it’s impossible for us to tell what you’re working on and figure out how to help you. Show us the hub.

Actually, I was hoping to discourage the OP from going any further, @asemaster. When a DIYer is over his head figuring out how to remove a brake drum it’s best if they put the wheel back on and check the Yellow Pages.

Oh come on @"Rod Knox"‌ , where’s your spirit of “git 'er done”? I think if we can get a clear picture of what he’s working on we can either offer a simple solution or advise that he seek professional help. But we gotta see what he’s working on first.

Also, I don’t think many people know what Yellow Pages are anymore.

A picture would be helpful, @asemaster.

As for Yellow Pages. Am I so over the hill that no one knows what I’m talking about anymore? It did occur to me that kids these days don’t have a clue what “dialing” a phone number really means.

On the commercial chassis DeVille the rear hub and bearing must be pressed out. Remove the knuckle/hub assembly from the vehicle first. Note there is a retaining nut on the back side of the hub.

How many lugs hold the wheels on?