1997 Buick Regal Stalling

My father has a 1997 Buick Regal that recently continuously stalls. If he goes at high speeds, there is no problem. But if he goes below 30MPH all the lights on the dashboard will go on and it will just die. He simply has to put the car in neutral and it starts up again. He has gone to 4 different mechanics and nobody knows what the problem is. The computer didn’t pick anything up. The changed the crank sensor and manifold, fuel filter twice. We need help!

What are, “all the lights on the dash”? Can you tell us what they are, specifically?

I am sorry, I am new to this… All of the “test” lights come one. Like when you first turn the car on,

Those lights will all come when the engine simply quits going round and round, just like when everything is at a standstill before you start the car. They are not an indication of what’s wrong, UNLESS the “service engine soon” light, or it’s equivalent on that car STAYS ON. If it’s on, it can probably be scanned by someone at your local parts supplier for free. Intermittant things like that are hard to track down. If there is no permanent service engine soon light, I’d suspect a fuel pump on its way out.

The computer is dead and can’t store codes. That’s two problems. Somebody this week had one changed and it solved the problem. I hope it solves yours.

Thanks to all!