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1992 Buick LeSabre Tricky Stalling Issue

I have a 1992 Buick LeSabre with a 3.8 Ltr. engine. I am having no spark issues as well. I’ll drive it, and come to a traffic light, and if there are cars ahead of me, and the light is still red, once it turns green, my car will stall out on me. To restart the car usually takes about 15-20 min. Then, after you get it started again, there is no guarantee that it will stay running. It has been to my mechanic, and he had it for 6 days, his service technician looked it over from “stem to stern” and still could find the problem, this was even after several attempts at getting it running, and then taking it out for a road test(to which it stalled out on the tech who was driving it…)

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Well, I’m going to suggest you look for another shop and have them take a look, Frankly, I wouldn’t think much of a shop that couldn’t diagnose a no start condition and then, after getting it started, couldn’t diagnose it failing again on the road. It may be painful to go through this again but it shouldn’t take long for a competent shop to diagnose the problem if they can repeat the failure mode.

It sounds heat related to me. Something like a crank/cam sensor or ignition module.


**You might just have to take it to Buick I know you hate dealers like I do , however when its something this drastic and you really want to keep your car it will pay off to have it diagnosed properly ,most of the firestone and midas muffler shops aren’t real problem solvers for a serious problem , they can even do more damage like my daughters lincoln to pep boys was almost destroyed by them **[date=2018-06-26

I took my LeSabre to the local GM dealer on July 6 th, and the technician has “said” that it isn’t anything under the hood(after spending a week going through all of the wire harnesses in the engine. Now, they are going under the dash and, as of today, the tech says that its intermitten. I asked how much longer before it’ll be finished, and the service adviser couldn’t tell me…

_WELL IT just may be an under the dash wire short or connection, they can trace everything on th motor with the diagnostic computer but if its beyond the engine say a shorted wire in the dash or fuse box then you’ll just have to let them diagnose it. I once had a 58 Buick catch on fire so my mechanic got a whole wire harness and found the problem was the cigarette light er had a short. After that I never used a cigarette light in any car up till now , but its just that I quit smoking 29 years ago so I dont let any one smoke in my car or truck.

Years ago I was working in the tech industry and we had a machine requiring shipment that had passed all its QA tests, and just before the final test before packaging, suddenly wouldn’t work. I was the new kid on the block so they gave me the problem. This was a big gadget, about the size of a fridge, with around 2 dozen circuit boards. After about a week’s worth of effort I finally figured it out. A loose, 1.5 mm length of 30 AWG wire had somehow managed to wedge itself between two pins on a connector. It was under the connector, so invisible. So yes, it can take some time to figure those kind of problems out. I think if my manager had known it would take me a week he’d just have told me to remove all the circuit boards and send them back through QA, and junk the rest. Good learning experience for me anyways.

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