1996 Toyota Paseo - post mechanic brake issue?

Hi, I have a '96 Toyota Paseo with approx. 153k miles. I just got my car back from the mechanics today after having my front struts replaced. While driving it, it seemed like I have to press noticeably harder on my brakes for them to achieve the same stopping power. The pedal itself isn’t harder to push down, it’s just that I feel like I have to push down harder/further in order to achieve the same breaking result. I also feel like I have to hold it down harder in order to keep the car from moving when in stopped in gear.

Is this issue the result of the mechanic replacing the front struts in my car? If so, would I be able to take it back to the shop to have them adjust the brakes?

Thanks for the help.

They had to disassemble the front brake components in order to gain the clearance to remove the front struts. I’d bring it back and ask if they could go and recheck their work.