1996 Toyota 4Runner - Vibrations and a leaking rear end

Vibration at 60miles per hour in the rearend leaking fluid inside of rim

By “inside the rim” do you mean the wheel? That would mean you’re leaking brake fluid. The vibration could be a wheel out of balance or a bent wheel. The two things could even be connected. Did you hit a big pothole or anything recently? Take your 4Runner to a good independent mechanic ASAP.

Or bad axle bearing and seal.

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Okay, I have to admit I went straight to worst case scenario. I don’t think of grease as “fluid” so I didn’t consider that possibility. You’re probably right.

I didn’t either, I was thinking 90 weight

Yea it has to be a seal and baring

Rearend “grease” is very much a liquid. A thick, stinky liquid, but a liquid nonetheless!

Is gear oil for differential to Seal’s busted on my passenger side will connection there somewhere I’m not a mechanic but I kind of know what’s going on

Yeah, I obviously didn’t think things through. I hope the OP is wise enough to ignore my advice.

I can barely understand what you are asking but… Yes, there is a seal out at the axle end. If it leaks, nasty smelling gear lube leaks out and usually gets slung all over the inner fender.

If the bearing is failing, the seal will leak badly and the truck will vibrate. The rear cover needs to come off so be sure and check pinion and carrier bearings as well when you are in there.

It was a drive shaft universal joint


Wow. I did not see that coming.

I replaced the Rear end paid $200 for it !!! Used. Laughs all the way to the bank it still had the vibrations ugh! I told my friend volume of Austin Automotive technical repair Travis Hall let’s drop the drive shaft replace both of ujoints one side of the brain are you joining set turn to dust nothing but red dust very little pins in it I’m lucky I didn’t chunk the drive shaft out of there