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1996 Tahoe - won't start

I tried to start it, but would not fire up. It cranks, I replaced spark plugs, but no luck. My mechanic made a house call, hooked the “meter” up to it, but could not find the problem. He said he poured gas in it and it ran until it ran out of gas. He said it seemed like the computer was not telling the injectors to work?? He also checked the fuel pressure and said it was fine (fuel pump working). The mechanic said it was acting like there was a security feature on it that was keeping it from starting, but this Tahoe has never had such that I am aware of (had it for 5-6 years). He did find evidence of a mouse being there, but saw no chewed wires.

Give him the car and tell him to fix it, house calls? don’t let that guy go!

This problem was fixed. Evidently, 50+ fuel line pressure was not enough to start it, it needed at least 60, so a new fuel pump did the trick.