1996 Subaru Legacy AWD wagon

My daughter has this car at college. She started the car yesterday , backed out of her driveway , put it in drive and gave it gas and it went no where. The check engine light is on . Any ideas what might be wrong? She pushed it back into the driveway and called me :slight_smile: !

I assume the car has an automatic transmission and so the first check is make sure the transmission fluid level is ok. Also, sometimes the valaves get stuck in the tranny and it causes a delay in the shifting.

Yes it is an automatic AWD. I had thought about the Transmission fluid since I have experienced a slipping transmission in my 1966 Chevy Carryall when it is low on fluid. I asked my daughter it there were any symptons prior to this , ie slipping , she said no. I also wanted her to locate the dipstick for the transmission fluid to check it . I’m 550 miles away so I’m hoping she can locate that on her own . I thought it’d be on the back part of the engine near the firewall, anyone know the location of the dipstick for the tranny? It’ll probably be towed to a shop this afternoon and they’ll check it for sure.

Tell her to look in the Owner’s Manual which has a very nice graphic showing the location of the dipstick as well directions on how to properly check the fluid. Bear in mind that the dipstick is a bit hard to find, in back of the engine, and placed fairly low in a midst of a wiring harness, but the graphic will guide her to it.