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1996 Maxima A/C Cooling Unit Dripping

The title pretty much says it all.

Anyone have any idea how to unclog the cooling unit (their terminology, not mine!) drain hose? I can’t even see the darmed thing…

Shameless Bump.

No ideas, anyone? I just can’t see the darned thing, and neither the manual nor AllData show it.


The drain hose usually comes out under the car just in front of where the passenger puts their feet. Often it is just a nondescript rubber tube.  String trimmer line is the usual tool of choice.  Compressed air may also be used.  Either should be used with care as you don't want to damage anything.

Check The Fire Wall Beside And Behind The Engine (I know, It’s Hard To See Back There) and as Joseph Says, Look From Underneath.

Look For A Protuberance that would likely not be anything but a drain. It might even have a cap with a slit in it. It might even be damp or wet even if it’s mostly clogged.

You could try finding another Maxima that is dripping and try to see where the drain is or try calling an A/C repair shop that does Nissans or a dealer or get a manual from the store or library.


You’re probably going to have to get under the car to find the drain hose. Please use ramps or jack stands to hold the car. Don’t crawl under a vehicle supported only by a jack.