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1996 Honda Civic

The check engine light is on in my 1996 Honda Civic. The code for it is P1382, which is supposed to be either a misfire or the ignition control system. It runs fine most of the time, but intermittently cuts out while I am driving sometimes. I have replaced the spark plugs and fuel filter and the check engine light actually went off after replacing the fuel filter, but came back on the second time I drove the car. The distributer was replaced not quite a year ago with a reman distributor. Anyone have any suggestions?

If I have it right it refers to a lack of signal from the cylinder position sensor which is part of the distributor. The first thing I would do is pull the connector to the distributor, inspect visually for obvious issues, spray it all down liberally with some electronics cleaner, dab some dialectric grease, hook it back up, clear the code & then see what happens. If the code returns (and/or the stalling continues) I’d probably put in a call to whomever replaced the distributor.

Thank you. I will try what you suggested and let you know.