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1996 Honda Civic Sdn - R134 Freon

How will the upcoming ban on Freon affect the air conditioner in a 1996 Honda Civic - if the AC ever needs repair?

The ban on Freon has been in place for, oh, 30 years or so. R12, the original Freon has not been used in cars since before your Honda was built. Its replacement, R134a also sometimes called Freon is no longer used in European cars and is set to phase out in 2021 or so for new vehicles.

R134a will be available, just like R12 was, for quite some time to come. I wouldn’t worry about it because your 23 year old vehicle is likely to be in the recyclables bin by the time it is no longer available.

Thanks. I’ve been seeing ads about older home heating systems possibly
requiring upgrades, so I was concerned about my son’s older Honda. Now
I know I don’t have to offer unnecessary dad advice.