1996 honda civic freaks out in traffic in hot weather

My 1996 honda civic cannot handle the heat. Every time the weather gets warm it freaks out when stuck in traffic for any extended period of time. It generally will start to rev while stopped, sometimes will jerk forward, and once continued to rev in park with my foot completely off the gas, checking the gas and the break pedals numerous times to make sure not stuck, etc., for about 2 minutes. Another time it locked the steering wheel and would not release. This really only happens when it’s warm outside. The car does not have air conditioning, if that makes any difference. We’ve brought it to two mechanics and they both said car looks great. Any idea what could be going on?

Is your “check engine” light on?

Sometimes when a problem is hard to diagnose, I’ll leave it with my mechanic and ask him to drive it home at night for a few days. This way, he will get a chance to see the symptoms he might not be able to duplicate in his garage on on a short test drive. If you can live without a car for a few days, I recommend you do the same.


Does your car have an IAC idle air control valve?

That might be your problem.

According to Alldata it has an IAC. I would replace it and see if that cures the problem.