1996 ford thunderbird 4.6 aode

Alright so at first my car was slip 3 an 4th get so I changed the filter but still slipped so I took the valve body out to check see if any clogs or over drive snap ring was broken everything was clean an clear but everything back together and all I have is reverse now but goes into gear but does not move

You took the valve body out, and didn’t replace any of the O-rings/gaskets?

That’s asking for transmission trouble.

I’d replace the valve body.


Sure this is an AOD-E? I think all of the mid 90s T-Birds used the 4R70W. Similar but not exact.

At a quarter century old and if that is the original transmission it may be that it’s reached the end. Various tests could confirm this; converter stall test, any DTCs present, or pressure tests.