1996 Dodge Ram 2500 - Ticks

‘ticking’ noise in area behind left front wheel in 1996 Dodge 12v cummins. Was ‘warned’ by ole otr driver it’s lifters, shoulda been adjusted every 500k. Im at 1,323,000. ‘Overhead’ done Nov '22? valves adjusted, so where am I? thanks Dodgebaby

Maybe just be thankful it makes any noise at all at 1.3 M miles … lol … ticking sounds could be lifter problem, but many other possibilities too. Loose spark plug for example. Sorry, my mistake, no spark plug on diesel … lol … hmmm … well, you could take it back to the place that adjusted the valves, maybe they overlooked something when putting everything back together.

Another idea, something on accessory belt path. Could remove those belt(s) and hand turn the pulleys, listening for one of them making a weird sound.

Yet another idea, using a mechanics stethoscope during idling might narrow down where it is coming from.

GeorgeSanJose, I appreciate your response!!

Although I mentioned the pickup is a 96 12 valve Cummins, I did not say it is a compression engine, no spark plugs, has injectors :slight_smile: