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1996 Corolla 1.8L-tick+oil leak

I have a 96 Corolla with the 1.8L, and 195,000 miles. It recently acquired a ticking sound in the engine, as well as burning a quart of oil every week or so. I also have the blue smoke from my exhaust. I’ve had no problems prior. Help!

Ticking, if it is worse on startup then goes away or gets better it may be rod bearings. If it is all the time look at head and valuve train, use dr stephiscope or some people can use a wooden stick and pinpoint where it is coming from.
Smoke, when cold take out plugs and see if all look the same if 1 is alot worse, oil fouled or carbened up you know witch cyl is the problem.
All of this is very low cost then if needed you can go to leak down and commpression tests.
I have had a few toyotas that I but cheap oil and drove them many miles like yours.