1996 Chrysler Concorde-Broken Fuel Tank Strap

3 weeks ago the fuel pump was replaced in this car-no problem there. Today, I have a broken fuel tank strap-it rusted away. Am I being unreasonable for thinking that the mechanics should have noted the poor condition of the strap when the fuel pump was replaced? Thanks for any assistance.


No. A fuel tank strap can’t rust away in 3 weeks. Replace the strap and go on with your life.

No you are not unreasonable. You are 100% right, plus I belive they are cheap any way so I don’t know why he would not have said something.

I also don’t know why they’d drop the fuel tank. I think your car has access to the fuel pump through a panel in the trunk floor. (I could be wrong–check your trunk-- my 94 does) If they dropped the fuel tank, they made the job much harder than it had to be.

I’m pretty sure that oblivion is correct in that you don’t drop the tank to do that fuel pump. You go in through the trunk. Thus, this shop would have had no reason to know a lot about the strap.

I suppose the only thing they could have done wrong is to have charged you the labor that would be required to drop the tank - ?

You’re in AZ. If the car is originally from AZ, there is just about no way the fuel tank straps should have rusted away, even after 15 years. Folks bring old airplanes to AZ to store them outside because old airframes don’t corrode in that climate, even after decades.