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`1995 Z28 CAMARO- hood latch cable broke

The hood latch cable broke on my 95 Z28, does anyone know another way to open it up

Is the cable completely broke, or is the springs bad and/or cable stretched? You could have a friend pull the release latch while you push down on the hood, that usually will pop it.

It is completely broken

See if you can reach the latch from the bottom of the engine compartment.
You likely either have to use a hoist or jack the front up and place jack stands under the frame.

However you do this, it won’t be a five minute job.

If you have the front jacked up, have an assistant push down on the top of the hood to relieve the latching pressure while you release the latch.

Try to have a picture (Illustration) of the latch mechanism to see exactly what you need to move.

WHERE is the cable broken?? At which end?? If it’s broken at the release lever, disconnect it there and pull what’s left with vice-grips. If it’s broken out at the hood-latch, you will have to try and access the latch from underneath the car.

As a last resort, take it to a dealer or body shop and say “Please fix this”…