1995 vw cabrio

My '95 cabrio was overheating. My mechanic replaced the radiator, head casket, thermostat and o-ring, hoses, had the cylinder head pressure tested, cleaned and resurfaced. I got it back and it still runs between 200 and 226. It won’t go above 226. Obviously, I concerned about the car running for long periods of time at such a high temp. My mechanic says he’s done everything he can think of. Any ideas?

Where does it get warmer, idling around town, or on the freeway?

I’m thinking water pump and temperature sensors right off the bat.

It really doesn’t get warmer. It takes awhile (a few miles) for the gauge to even move and then it steadily climbs until it gets to about 226 and will stay between 220 and 226. This is driving around town. I really haven’t taken it on the highway since I got it back. I believe they replaced the water pump.

How sure are you that the gauge is correct?

The mechanic never mentioned the gauge or the sensors. I’ll discuss that with him. Thanks!