1995 Toyota Pickup Suspension

Can’t do alignment because idle arm, tie rod, and center link needs replacement. However there is no play but of course wear and tear due to age. Does it absolutely need all replacement?

If suspension parts are needed to be replaced, they need to be replaced. Remember that suspension parts are what keeps your vehicle going straight down the road. You could always wait until one of these worn parts breaks, and then fix it, but the loss of steering could have by then cost your life or the lives of innocent others when you loose your steering on the roads. Tire wear is another problem.

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I agree with @tcmichnorth’s answer, but I suspect you didn’t tell us the whole story.

Let me ask… did you take it in for an alignment and the shop said they just couldn’t do one until you replaced these parts? Yes? Was it a big chain store? If also Yes, get another estimate from another shop, this one is up-selling (or flat out lying) to you.

I wanted do maintenance including alignment. The mechanic told me it couldn’t be done because of the parts needed to be replaced and he showed me as well while the car was lifted. However, there was some play but, not enough to indicate that evrything needed to be worked on. Yes, its a well known auto shop. I just wanted some advice on what the best i should do. If an adjustment to the tie rods would help and etc.(correction for 1st post, was play but very little, driving speed limit of 45mph no problem at all but maybe 60mph could have. Guam speed limit is 45mph)

That statement right there is why you should replace the parts. This is not a question about “good enough for 45 mph” or “good enough for 60 mph.” A proper alignment can’t be done with parts that allow movement. A small amount of play gets magnified several times out at the wheel and alignment is a matter of tenths of degrees.

Fix it or forget the alignment.

Okay. Thank you for the advice.

Thank you for the advice.