1995 Saturn SL problems led to injuries?

What injuries were sustained in accidents caused by 1995 Saturn problems?

You need to provide a much better explanation regarding the type of information you are seeking.


i cut my hand good trying to replaced an exhaust manifold on a Saturn

I think you will have a hard time trying to find what injuries.
You may find how many fatalities in Saturn’s.

Google is your friend!!!


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My guess is that the injuries received run the whole gamut from broken finger nail to D.O.A.

I tried looking up safety ratings on Informed For Life’s site, but this vehicle is too old, even for their archives.
Cars this old generally don’t do as well in the safety department as more modern vehicles. Also, when they get to that age, maintenance / repairs (or lack of it), rust, etcetera, play a part in the general safety.

Concerned about safety? Save some money and shop for something newer that you can look up at least.
CSA :palm_tree::sunglasses::palm_tree:

Not a '95, but test drove a 2001 SC, ten minutes into test drive seat design triggered sciatic nerve pain. So I bought a Ford Ranger and lived happily ever after. The End

Your lawyer will be happy to have his intern do this information search for you in preparation for the lawsuit you’re about to lose against GM.



I would think most injuries on a 23 year old car would be sustained at the auto recycling yard as they are loading it into the crusher.

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… and, of course, our OP of few words has failed to return in order to provide any clarification regarding her extremely murky inquiry.

Try the National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) and
the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS)
websites… but don’t be too disappointed of you don’t find anything. Their data is unlikely to be collated in a manner that answers your question. They have specific mandates.

I owned a '95 Saturn. My ex talked me into it. Then she took it in the divorce in '96 and tried to make me pay for it. I got an '89 Toyota pickup. The pickup ran reliably for many years after, 338,000+ miles to be exact, until it got hit and totaled. The Saturn didn’t. It began to have serious problems before 100,000 miles. Maybe there really IS karma!

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Yes, there is

A few years ago, a relative sold his Ford Ranger to a complete stranger that knocked on his door . . . even though he KNEW I’d expressed interest in it. I’d told him over the years I wanted to buy it. There is no way on earth he could claim ignorance or bad memory. I found out later, when I went over to his house and asked what happened to the Ranger, because it wasn’t in the driver.

Anyways, a few years later, this same relative told me about this fantastic deal he got on some Dodge Dakota he bought from a coworker. I chose to be diplomatic and just said “Good for you.” Later, he complained what a money pit it turned out to be, lousy gas mileage and it apparently needed a lot of costly services and repairs, including a very expensive pcm

Oh, and before I forget, when he sold the Ford Ranger . . . he got ROBBED


He followed your advice to never sell a vehicle to a family member and you are disappointed…

I knew the vehicle and its condition, and it would been a good fit for me

I never advised HIM to not sell cars to relatives

So he didn’t follow MY advice

In the end, I’m not disappointed . . . because he got robbed on the price, and that next vehicle, the Dodge Dakota truck, which was supposedly such a great find, turned out to be a piece of junk

As mountainbike said earlier, karma does exist

And I didn’t even have to do anything :smirk_cat: