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1995 Miata timing belt

My mechanic says I need a new timing belt plus all that goes with it. My Miata is a 1995, 138,000, and I’m not driving it currently and want to sell it when the wether breaks. Does it make sense to do this work? It seems expensive if I’m just going to sell the car.


If you hold out until you get a buyer that doesn’t know to check what maintiance the car is due for your right it doesn’t make sense to be current on maintiance. Now how many people don’t inquire about that stuff,you may be waiting awhile or sell the car for less because its due for major maintiance.

Myself I would have the car perfect (but get it perfect for as little money as possible) and get top dollar for a well maintained car.

Would you sell cheap because you don’t want to do the maintiance?

You may have the car awhile in this economy,do you still want to drive it while you wait for a buyer?

I got a new timing belt and serpentine belt for a Volvo I was selling. I probably could have sold the car without doing these things but I didn’t feel good about selling it that way. If you’re going to be honest and say the car is due for a timing belt that is OK. I had full service records from day 1 on my Volvo and that did impress the new owner. I spent $900 and got about 1/2 of it back.