1995 Mazda Protege Will Not Crank

My 1995 Mazda protege will not crank. I have changed the battery and starter. I just notice that if I disconnect and reconnect a battery cable, the car will crank and start. The car will work for awhile and without notice the problem will come back.

Sounds like you have a corroded connection. You need to disconnect the cable, cheal the cable mating surfaces well, reconnect it securely, and I’d suggest some anticorrosion grease. Both a battery/cable cleaning tool (metal brush) and the grease can be purchased for a few bucks each at the local parts store.

Oh, I’d do the other end of the cable too. Just in case the corrosion is at the other end and your moving it is just enough to create contact.

Choose your own method of cleaning the inner surface (mating area) of the battery cable terminals… You want to remove the corrosion so that electric current can travel from the battery to the starter and the rest of the car. You can use a brush, baking soda, and brush; or, file, or sandpaper, or knife to remove the corrosion. Smear the battery posts and terminals with Vaseline, before reconnecting them to the battery posts,to prevent future corrosion.

I agree with both of the above. Try removing both ends of the battery cables (both of them) and cleaning both the cable and where it goes very well and reattaching making sure they are secure.