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1995 Honda del Sol - Transmission issue

Grinding in all gears now & won’t go into gear when driving. Clutch is also not engaging right, hard to press fully down and try to get into gear. Replaced slave, master cylinder & bled out air. Adjusted clutch pedal, drained gear oil replaced. ??

How many miles on the clutch / engine ? Clutches can fail in quite a few ways that arent even the clutch discs fault. You also have the pressure plate and the throwout bearing etc…

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I once saw where a damper spring on the clutch disk fell between the clutch disk and flywheel., making shifting impossible.


Sounds like the clutch isn’t fully disengaging.
Here’s a couple easy tests:
Is it easier to shift through the gears with the engine off?
On flat ground, parking brake off, in first gear, press in the clutch and start the engine.
Does it lurch forward a bit?
If so, like Blackbird says, you gotta go into it.
Be thankful you prolly don’t need to go into the transmission.
Last thought: a leaky shaft seal can soak the clutch in oil and cause this.

@circuitsmith makes good sense and his theory was something I had in mind as well. There are many reasons a clutch will no longer fully uncouple from the flywheel.

The most prominent reasons are Pressure Plate finger fatigue and Throw out bearing failure, You also have the slave and its fork…which pivots on a fulcrum…I’ve seen this fork crack and instead of pushing the throw out bearing firmly into the pressure plate…it would bend and thusly …not fully uncouple the driven components.

Most clutch failures that are not slipping …you will see one or more of these failures. Its been some time since I’ve seen a clutch disc wear out proper…its usually everything else that dies before hand. This is due to either shoddy metallurgy of today…or driver error (ones who hold the clutch to the floor while in gear at a red light etc…)