1995 Honda Civic EX, won't start high humidity

1995 Honda EX with 150,000 miles. Its been running rough ie rough idle, stalling at low rpms etc Additionally for awhile now when humidy reached north of 85% the car wont start. It cranks but rarely runs.

Took it to a mechanic last week for a tuneup. They replaced the Distributor cap, spark plug and wires and fuel filter. Car ran great for a day. Then progressively got worse. Was undriveable the other day stalling misfiring while at speed. Took it back today. They determined that it was still not getting spark and replaced the distributor. They did so, test drove it, declared it good and I came to pick it up. Paid the bill, walked out to the car and the damn thing would not start. Humidity was high.

Mechanic pulled a spark plug and put a tester in and didn’t get a spark when cranking. He is assuming the distributor he just put in is bad. So they are keeping the car overnight to be fixed in the morning with a new distributor.

However I’m not convinced the dizzy is bad, I believe, as I’ve read that the Honda’s ECU is probably bad and shorting out in the high humidity. Can anybody confirm that a bad ECU would prevent spark?

Has anyone checked the coil?

I’d want the mechanic to check out the relay’s and the fuel pump.