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1995 Honda civic DX jumped time

My 1995 Honda civic dx jumped time and won’t even crank and have no clue what to do so if anybody out there does know and would tell me what I got to do to fix it it would greatly be a appreciated

get it towed to a good mechanic.

If the timing belt jumped time, the valves are probably damaged.

Which produces no compression.

And with no compression, the engine won’t run.


If it is now locked up…that means the pistons are hitting the valves… I would have to agree with the above comments.

Most of those engines will not survive a T Belt snapping…if its off by one or two teeth you might have gotten lucky. But if you cannot turn the engine over or crank it over in other words…it has already gone too far. Not sure of your use of the word crank since most people use that word incorrectly


If the crankshaft won’t turn at all, you have much bigger problems than “jumped timing”. If my understanding of your description is correct, I suspect you’ll discover when you get it to a mechanic that your assumption of why the engine died is incorrect. I’m going to guess that it’s seized from oil depletion. Start saving your pennies.

Let us know how you make out. We do care.

It will surely lock up when it smacks into a bunch of valves too…The test is to rotate the crank the other way by hand to see if she is free. We on the forum cannot help this OP much…not from our desks at least

Why do you believe it jumped time?

Usually the pistons blast right through the valves and you end up with bent valves and maybe some valve shrapnel sitting on top of the pistons. The engine then turns over just fine, albeit with a lovely tinkling sound that represents money flying out of your wallet. :wink:

If the engine will not turn over at all, then I think @“the same mountainbike” has the right answer.

If the belt jumped while cranking the engine it is possible that no catastrophic damage was done. I suggest installing a new belt and running a compression check.

I’m still wonder what went into the diagnosis… or if it’s a wild guess.
Diy Guy, we can be a lot more help if you’ll participate in the conversation. :smile:

I thought only Michael J. Fox’s De Lorean did that!