1995 Honda Accord

Have 1995 Honda Accord with apx. 231,000 miles and needs all new break lines under the car. Honda Dealer states 12 hours of labor at $100 per hour. Should I go elsewhere or sell the car for $600 to the parts guy at the dealership offering to buy it since I wont pay the cost at this point to fix the car? Gas lines are all fine underneath by the way - I asked them to look since they could go next I would assume. Any opinions or suggestions?

I would get a quote from an independent shop, which will be a lot less. The materials are not a lot of money, so its doing business with a shop that charges less than $100 per hour, usually $75-$80 or so.

On the other hand, You may not need “all new brake lines”, maybe just some sections. Also, 12 hours labor seems a lot.

My 99 Accord had the same problem plus part of the fuel line by the fuel tank had rotted out. The Honda dealer quoted $2,000. The service manager at the garage I frequent is a race car mechanic. He quoted me $900 for both. That was four years ago and the lines he repaired are still doing great. Shop around for a better deal.

I just don’t see how it could take 12 hours. But then I’ve never done it either.

I am assuming a LOT of things need to be removed to replace the lines

At least according to the Honda service manual

Why would someone need new brake lines? I have a car of that vintage how would I know if I needed it?

You need brake lines if you live in the rust belt and the lines are literally flaking away