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1995 Grand Caravan fails to upshift after acceleration

Hello all, Thanks in advance for your consideration.

Vehicle has 2WD, 4 Spd transaxle, 78K miles, 3.8L, Transmission was power flushed and filter changed last week, minimal debris in pan. Mostly it runs well, this is a newly acquired vehicle for me.

Problem: At highway speed, acceleration that forces a downshift STAYS downshifted until I stop and turn off the ignition. Start and go after that is normal until next passing event, repeat. Shifting is otherwise normal.

Ideas? Thanks!!

Was it doing this both before & after the flush ?

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Why was the flush done, what fluid did they use. It should absolutely be the ATF 4+ recommended for Dodge/Mopar, if not go back and ask them to fix this. An additive would not do the job,

If the fluid is correct and the level is right, then my next bet would be the shift solenoid. You should go to forum as there is a wealth of information there on these cars and a lot of good experts.

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I completely agree with @galant . It sounds like your transmission is going into “limp home” mode, which resets each time you turn off the ignition.

Slowpoke, galant: Yes, this was going on prior to the fluid flush and filter change. The flush was done as routine maintenance. I didn’t have a vehicle history. I purchased this about 2 weeks ago.

galant, NYBo: Fluid & level are to spec. Thanks for the pointer to the forum. I’ll check in there … assuming it’s an open forum.

If the transmission is going into limp in there will be faults stored in the TCM. It will take a scan tool capable of reading TCM faults with the cable with the old square connector.