1995 Dodge Caravan

I have a 95 dodge caravan. When I press the accelerator there is a delay and it’s very sporadic. Someone told us the transmission was failing then it fixed itself. Now it is acting up again (crazy car). Is there a transmission pan that needs cleaning? Someone told me this also. Sometime, it won’t hardly go and then it lurches forward if I continue to push the gas pedal.

What you’re describing is called tranny slip. Not good!

Have you ever had the transmission fluid serviced? If not, that’s even worse!

At this point, the least expensive thing to do is drop the pan, and see what’s sitting in the pan. If there’s just the regular clutch material in the pan, I would have the tranny flushed. If any shinny particles are in the pan, just put the pan back on, fill it with the proper amount of fluid, and then decide if you want a new transmission, or a new vehicle.


From the description It’s difficult to say if it is transmission slip or not.

Before I would condemn the transmission I would check the throttle position sensor.

If the transmission is failing you will likely hear the engine rev but get very little forward motion in whichever gear is failing.

The early to mid 90’s caravan also had a little problem with the wire harness connection at the transmission corroding and causing erratic operation. Usually it would just force the transmission into limp mode, but it is still worth checking.