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1995 GMC sierra 1500

any updates recommended for a 1995 GMC sierra 6 cyl. truck?

Nope. It’s a big vehicle. Sorry about that. Maintain it well, and drive nicely.

shed weight, and keep your tire pressure up, you can also install a vacuum gauge to help you drive nicely.

thanks for the advise.

You could switch from the stock TBI setup to multiport fuel injection. But you would never recoup the cost in fuel savings.

okay… so how about upping the performance such as towing capability?

Towing capacity is based on multiple factors. From the engine, to the transmission, to the ratios in the rear end, to the frame construction.

Upgrading any of them could prove to be very expensive. While not impossible, I’m sure it would prove cheaper to replace a 16 year old truck than perform those modifications.

We’d need all the specs for your vehicle to begin formulating a rebuild path. I don’t think I can even do it. Maybe someone has enough time on their hands.

thanks for the advise, however, i am quite fond of the old beaten up look. it still runs and performs great. its a 6 cyl. 4x4 with new belts, plugs, engine, starter and altenator.

OK, that’s a start. For someone to design a path for you, they’d also need the transmission model (not just automatic/manual, but actual model number for the ratios), and the rear diff model (or ratio). There may have only been one combination that year, but I doubt it.

I already know that I cannot design a path for you…but I’m pretty sure of what’s involved. Best of luck, anyway.