Preparing for a road trip

We have a '95 GMC Sierra 2500 w/ the 350 5.7L w/ (I think) sequential fuel injection(?) and 4WD. We bought it used about 6 months ago w/ about 140k on it. We are preparing to take it on a road trip of about 1500 miles. We have just changed the plugs, wires, distributor cap, air filter, and the oil and filter. We are considering a tranny flush and possibly changing the feul filter and the fan belt. We also split a can of Seafoam between the oil and fuel. Of course, we are checking our tire pressure and coolant level as well.

Can anybody else think of any additioanl suggestions for prepping for a road trip? We want to get the best mileage possible out of this beast, and we don’t want any problems with it while we’re traveling. It is a Chevy after all, and you know…

Thanks all for your brilliant replies.


Oh, yeah…It has a manual tranny.


I would be worried about the mileage on the fuel pump,even if it doesn’t show trouble now.Ask your mechanic his opinion on fuel pumps of this vintage.It is a Chevy after all.Your vehicle being a 1995 uses the non-sequencial version of GM’s CPFI (central port fuel injection) the sequencial version came into use in 1996.IIRC

Belts and hoses if not replaced. Coolant system flush and thermostat. Check battery, cables, and connections. That’s a relatively pretty short trip but it is usually the simple things that go wrong and ruin a day.

How 'bout a new pine tree air freshener on the rear view?

Seriously, get any work done plenty before you leave in case someone forgets to hook a hose back up, or does not tighten a bolt sufficiently or something. Better a wheel falls off near home than after a couple of hundred. If you are changing the trans oil you might as well get the differentials done too. They are probably due before 140 and you probably don’t know if they have been done.

Personally I don't like to do any mechanical work right before a trip.   I month or so before is good.  Sometimes we create a problem doing the normal things.  The good part is that you have had this GMC for six months, and you should have found most of the problems by now.