1995 GMC Sierra 1500 shuts down after driving a few miles

I have a 1995 GMC serra that shut down after driving a few miles, when it cools down I can restart it and it shut down again. I had my mechanic working on this for 4 weeks now. What are the possible auses?

And you expect a reasonable answer from folks out on the internet? And you didn’t tell us anything about your truck except the year. What engine? What transmission? How many miles on it? C’mon now. The causes are almost endless from that tiny description and can be narrowed down with a few simple procedures. Air? Spark? Fuel? Compression? Have you verified the engine has all those?

If your mechanic has had it for 4 weeks, is he working on it? Or is it just sitting there? Is he stumped? Find a better mechanic or be patient with this one IF you trust him to find the cause.

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Does it do it if you have a full tank of gas? Also, if possible, the next time it does this see if you have any spark (take out easy to access plug, touch it to metal part of engine, have somebody crank truck. If no spark you are well on the way to solving the problem.