1995 Geo Prism



I’m thinking of buying one of these for $750 as a starter car after 2+years of not having a working car. It would need to drive several hundred miles a week. Should it be able to do this for 3 or 4 months?

What are the most common problems with the 1995 Geo Prism?


The '95 Gep Prism is a Toyota Corolla in mild disguise. The only difference is the badge and some trim.

Before buying any used car you should get it checked out thoroughly. A $750 car can come with a multitude of problems, some serious. If it checks out okay at a good garage it’ll be a good purchase.

The '95 prism has no specific problem of which you need to be especially aware.


I would be especially concerned about auto transmission service; last timing belt change (proof of bill); and a good suspension inspection. These items tend to be neglected by some folks.

Pay for a good overall mechanic’s pre-purchase inspection.