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1995 Ford Probe oil change


I have a 1995 Ford Probe 4 cylindar with 160000 mile. I check the oil level once per week. I am the original owner and the car does not consume oil. I change the oil every 3000 miles. When I check the oil it is always on the full mark. I checked it this morning and the level was full. I took the car in for an oil change today. When I got the car back, the service technician told me that the oil filter was dry and it was thought that the oil pump was probably bad. My car seems to run normal and the oil pressure gauge on the dash shows normal. The gauge shows the same place since I bought the car new.

Does it sound like the oil pump is bad or could it have been a bad filter. I did not see the old filter just going by what I was told.

Any help is appreciated.

If the oil pump wasn’t working, the engine would be making loud knocking noises. Did you take it to one those quick lube places? If so, never listen to those people.


Thank You for your reply. The engine seems to be running normal and is not making loud knocking noises. The place I took is was one of the national tire chains. Would a faulty oil filter cause the filter ot be dry ?

Extremely unlikely. Oil filters do have a “bypass” that allows oil to bypass the filter element and continue to circulate should the filter become plugged, and I suppose it might be possible that if that valve were defective it could allow that to happen, but it would be a atretch to see how that would totally prevent the element from getting wet.

Even if that did happen you wouldn’t suffer damage. Your oil would have simply more suspended materials than if the bypass valve were working.

It’s more likely that he looked at the wrong filter. Perhaps he screwed the old one off and put a new one on, took a coffee break and called his girlfriend, then went back and forgetting he’d already put the new one on removed it thinking it was the old one.

Or he’s behind on his child support payments and needs some fast cash…

Well national tyre chains don’t seem to be as bad as the quick oil change places, but they don’t have a great reputation for other than tyres.

You definitely need a second opinion from a qualified mechanic. It is possible (remotely) that it was a faulty oil filter and it got by-passed; that would still not make it “DRY!”. A failed oil pump would quickly finish off your engine!

Agree with others that if your engine is perfectly normal, doesn’t use oil or smoke, the guy likely made a mistake and grabbed the wrong oil filter. So you need a second opinion!