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1995 Dodge Truck 318 Backfires

My 1995 Dodge going about 50 mph sometimes Had tune up still the same Also timing belt is new and fuel pump 2yrs old. No check engine light or computer history Help

Here’s a link to a discussion of a 95 Dakota (318) with a similar problem. Not sure if the OP ever got his truck fixed though.

BTW, the 318 has a timing chain, did you mean a serpentine belt replacement?

Ed B.

Double check the plugs. I once had a chevy 250 straight 6 develop an occasional backfire and it was a plug with a cracked insulator on the outside where the plug wire attaches.

It is a timing chain that was replaced two months ago . I notice I have to drive atleast 10 minutes before it does it sometimes . I will back fire then some times I can drive another 10 miles before it will happen.

This started right after the chain replacement? Would be worthwhile to check the valve timing.

Ballpark check: Remove valve cover. With Cyl #1 at TDC between exhaust and intake strokes (180 cam degrees from ignition TDC) the valve clearance or extension on #1 valves (IN vs EX)should be about equal.

The timing chain was replaced 2 months ago fuel pump 2 yrs ago and never had no problems after that. Just had a complete tune up wires plugs pcv valve cap etc just to see if that fixed it but it still the same