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1995 Chevrolet S-10 - why doesn't it stop right away if I turn the key off?

Why does my truck not stop immed. when key is turned to the off position? It goes for 2 or 3 more seconds

I don’t understand the question. Could you clarify? And give us a whole lot more information on your vehicle; like the miles, the engine it has, the transmission type, is the check engine light on, any modifications done to the factory parts in 23 years… things like that.

Do you have throttle body injection If so watch for fuel leaking from components in the throttle body when someone shuts the engine down.

Lazy ignition switch. “Off” should immediately stop the ignition system, thus the engine.

A hot engine will often diesel for a few seconds if fuel continues to flow. Carburetors, even lawn mower carburetors often have anti diesel solenoids to positively cut the fuel off when the engine is shut off to eliminate ‘run on’ due to dieseling which requires no ignition.

It could be dieseling esp. if there are hot carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. Does the problem happen only after a long run, or even if the cold engine has only been on for a couple minutes?