1995 Chevrolet 1500 - Dad's truck lives on

Hi there, my dad passed a couple years ago and i’m taking his 1995 chevy silverado. it has a little over 100k miles on it so i’m excited about that. He lived in NM and i live in CA. i’m picking it up in a month and driving it to CA. i’m having basic maintenance done to it along with new tires. Is there anything specific you feel i should have done to it/replaced before i drive it 900 miles in the blazing hear? Thank you. Dan

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You might want to make sure it will pass CA pollution and safety inspections, or how much it will cost to make it pass if it doesn’t.


CA emissions would be my number one concern.
Having said that:
Hopefully the shop doing the work will give it a thorough inspection.
Coolant should be changed.
I would replace the serpentine or V belts.

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You need to take a REALLY good look at the tires

Plenty of tread?


Bubbles in the sidewall?

Dry rotted?

Sidewalls cut up from too many curb checks?

When were they manufactured . . . ?!

Even if they have plenty of tread, if they’re 10 years old . . . for example . . . you should get them replaced in New Mexico

You don’t want a blow out or tread separation on that 900 mile trip in the blazing heat


New tires shouldn’t have any of the mentioned failure points.


Apparently he did