1995 3000GT VR4 starts occasionally

I have a 95 VR4, about 135k miles on it.

Last year I replaced the alternator, plugs, plug wires, had it tuned up, replaced the vacuum line for the master brake cylinder (the one with the shut off valve), drive shaft bearings, the air intake computer, and added a cat-back Tanabe exhaust sytem.

I drove it for the last year until about march. I put probably 30k miles on it, and it ran great. Recently I have been experiencing starting problems with it. I can’t always start it, and it seems to be especially when it is wet/cold or both. The last few days here in central Indiana have been dry, and I went outside to try it, and vroooomm it started up. I drove it twice yesterday, and I am going to go for a drive today.

At first I thought it was a fuel problem, but now it seems something electrical. I took the battery cables off the battery and cleaned them to shiny new copper, and re-attached, and sealed them up with electrical tape.

I love this car and want to drive it more. Please help!

What happens when you turn the key? Does it crank but not start? Just a click sound? Or nothing at all?

The more specific clues about this starting problem the better.

Oh right… I forgot to add the most important part.

Yes, it cranks, but won’t start. I’ve read on the 3si.org forum that it could be the ECU/MFI/Coils. I have full electrical power, i.e. radio, windows, lights, etc. I push on the gas pedal, pump the clutch, put it in gear, etc, and that doesn’t help. As far as I can tell the fuel pump is working, but I’ll check again next time it doesn’t start by having someone try to start it and laying by the fuel tank, and listen for the clicking.

It’s started a couple times now, but it’s not reliable, and I don’t want to just throw money at it.


try a bottle of ‘dry gas’ and put it in at your next fill up. it may have gotten condensation in the tank from sitting so long.

Alright, I will try that. I should have also noted that I have been experiencing this problem since January. It happened occasionally, and then on April 30th, it went kaput. I try to start it every weekend and this was the first time it started since then.