1994 Volvo 960 A/C Problem



I’ve got a 1994 Volvo 960 Wagon with the Volvo 6-cylinder engine. A few days ago we were driving around and it seems like the A/C compressor seized up and tore through a belt. I don’t know if anyone out there has ever dealt with one of these, but I’m wondering if you can take apart the clutch on the compressor and replace that instead of switching out the entire compressor. I don’t have any vacuum system to capture any of the A/C coolant or whatever you call it. Thanks for your help.


With your knowledge and lack of equipment its got to go to the shop IMHO. Many compressors can have their clutches changed seperately.But It sounds like (as you state)you have a compressor siezure,more than a clutch replacement.You are right for compressor replacement recovery,flushing.I recommend drier replacement,evacuation and re-charge,shop job.


I agree, if the compressor actually seized it needs to be replaced. A failed clutch should not have caused the compressor to lock up.