1994 volvo 940


I was wondering if anyone knew about my engine cooling fan (radiator fan) not turning off after the engine has been shut down? this has been happening to my volvo and draining the battery every once and awhile. is it the relay switch that needs to be replaced? sometimes i can get the fan to shut down if i pop the hood and hit the top of the radiator…


I was wondering if this is a new behavior, and how long the fan will keep running after it’s shut off? Some cars (like my old saab 900) are designed with a fan that will run after the engine is shut off if required for cooling. In that case, it normally shuts off after a few minutes. Does yours shut off within a few minutes, or does it keep running indefinitely?


it will keep running until the battery is dead…or it kicks on after the car has been shut off for awhile…if i hit the top of the fan it shuts down…


It sounds like a problem with a relay or a temperature sensor. I don’t know enough about your car to suggest anything other than having a good volvo shop take a look, it may be a common problem.