1994 Toyota Pickup - Retirement time?

excellent tips, thanks!

I’ll be selling it to the California “cash for clunkers” program for $1500. From what I see listed, that’s better than what I’d get trying to sell it as a “mechanic’s special.” A lot less hassle, too. Thanks!

Well, outside of firewood, gravel, dirt, manure, straw bales, lumber, dump runs and such, there’s the cachet of a woman with her own pickup truck. Some little girls dream of Barbie pink convertibles, some of a 4x4 stick shift…

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Some engines require torque to yeald head bolts to be replaced any time they are removed. If so required, and the mechanic reused the old ones, that would explain the second gasket failure.

My 93 Toyota pickup is still going strong with 300,000 miles.

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Well it sounds like your “mechanic” did not mill the head during the “rebuild”… If you don’t mill the head or at the very least have it checked by a machine shop, you didn’t do a head gasket job correctly.

At this stage of the game… buy a bottle of Blue Devil and follow the instructions…if it works, its usually permanent.