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1994 Toyota Camry - VERY JUMPY

I have a very jumpy car, not skiddish, just jumpy.

For about two years it has vibrated a lot wherever I drove. I paid no attention to it because I enjoyed the vibrations coming from the steering wheel, it was like getting a massage or something.

But yesterday I woke up early on a rather cold day to go to work and I hadn’t made it 100 yards from the house before I noticed some very unusual bucking motions. I looked at the steering wheel to confirm that the Toyota logo was still imprinted on the airbag cover. It was. I was most certainly not driving a wild mustang. Japanese cars have always been so reserved, especially mine. I mean, it can be passive aggressive at times due to neglect, but this wild jumping and bucking coming from the back rear passenger side of the car was disturbing to say the least!

I am taking it to the local mechanic today, but I wanted to contact my esteemed friends at Car Talk to confirm what other have been telling me - that the struts are bad.

I am sure I will have sticker shock by the time I check the forums again, but I would appreciate any diagnoses and cost estimates, or things to be wary of.

The best local mechanic I can think to take it to is Wal-Mart… not my first answer to any question, but I live in a rural area, and I have limited options.

Appreciate all the help in advance! Have a great weekend!