1994 Sentra

Daughter called, said car lost power, slowly died in the road. Got a jump-off, made it to work. Would not start. Jumped again and headed for my mechanic. When I turned on the turn signal, speedometer jumped up and down, then stayed down. Turned off blinker, got to intersection and car died again. Jumped and drove to repair shop (closed), almost stalling out twice at lights. No dash lights came on to indicate anything. Any thoughts?

First thought is always fuel filter, then, fuel pressure.

EDIT: Changed my First Thought to: electrical system. Raisin-duh-ration-al: having to jump-start after getting to work. A healthy electrical system would have recharged the battery, and, the battery would have held. It may be nothing more than corrosion on the battery cables.

need more info.
By getting a jump you mean it will not turn over,turns over real slow?

When you say “jumped,” do you mean you hooked jumper cables to the battery and started the car?

“No dash lights?” Even when the engine stalls? No oil pressure light, no alternator light, nothing?

First thing that comes to mind is a DEAD battery. Have the mechanic test the battery and the charging system before doing anything else. Everything you describe sounds like an electrical problem, and the battery is the first thing to check.

Thanks, guys. My mechanic called and said that the alternator was bad. He will have it fixed this morning.